Menaion for January 28

St. Ephrem (28 January) is celebrated with six stichera at Vespers (three more than a basic service). Excerpted here are the hymns from his Service, trans. Isaac Lambertsen, Menaion of the Orthodox Church, vol. 5 (St. John of Kronstadt Press). Please say a prayer for Isaac, tonsured Fr. Joseph shortly before his death, who reposed in the Lord January of 2017.

(Here is the Service in Greek)
(Here is the Service in Church Slavonic)

At ‘Lord I Have Cried’
Looking toward the beauties of paradise, * and richly delighting in meadows of incorruption, * thou didst blossom forth the knowledge of God for the world; * and partaking thereof with spiritual love, O venerable one, we grow spiritually in soul. (Twice)

Having written of the coming of the Judge * with streams of tears, * thou dost teach all to light the lamps of their souls, * announcing the arrival of the Bridegroom, * that we may all clothe ourselves with splendid vesture * to greet Christ the Bridegroom. (Twice)

Protecting thy body with abstinence, * thou didst mortify the movements of the passions, O father, * by prayers and vigils. * Wherefore, the power of the Spirit which dwelt within thee * hath shown thee to be a noetic beacon * for the whole world. (Twice)

Having resolved to forsake the tumults of life, O ever-memorable Ephraim, thou didst attain unto the desert with love of stillness; and thereby led actively unto God, thou didst shine forth as a lamp upon the world, and didst pour forth the words of life upon men. Wherefore, cease thou never to make us steadfast
by thy prayers, that our souls may be delivered from the alien foe, O venerable

Matins, Ode I
With the Euphrates-like flood of thy supplications water thou my soul, which hath become dry with the burning heat of the passions, and inspire discourse within me who praise thy festival, O most blessed one.

Shining forth noetic light, thou didst show thyself to be a radiant sun, O Ephraim, illumining all the fullness of the faithful with brilliant virtues and teachings.

Extinguishing the flame of the passions with streams of tears, O divinely blessed Ephraim, thou wast a precious vessel of the Holy Spirit, pouring· forth well-springs of doctrines.

Having purified thyself of all the mire of the passions, thou didst truly show thyself to be a receptacle of the virtues and a vessel containing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In nowise giving sleep to thine eyes, thou didst show thyself to be a temple of the Holy Trinity and a treasury of wisdom, enriching the world with the golden rays of teachings, O blessed one.

The honored Church of Christ doth recognize thee as a golden-streamed Euphrates aflood with torrents of wise doctrines and watering all creation.

O ye faithful, on the day of his commemoration let us hymn the treasury of the wisdom of the mysteries of Christ, the cup of divine compunction, for in accordance with his name the godly Ephraim doth ever gladden the hearts of the faithful with divine discourses, as a performer and initiate of the mysteries
of the revelations of the Lord. (Twice)

Ode IV
The power of thy words hath passed through the whole world, O blessed one, driving away the blindness of men’s souls with the exalted radiance of humility.

Thou didst render thy life blameless, laving thyself with tears, O right wondrous and divinely manifest one, and describing to all by thy wise discourses the coming of the Judge.

Having beheld the all-glorious height of thy humility, the Lord gave thee exalted discourse, whereby the grievous uprisings of heresies have been brought low.

Strengthened by the grace of the Almighty, thou didst array thyself against the princes of the demons, O father, and didst vanquish them, fervently praying for us who praise thee.

Ode V
With torrents of tears, O father, thou didst utterly dry up the depths of pleasures; and with the outpourings of thy doctrines thou hast flooded the torrents of heresies, O blessed one.

Thy mind, illumined by stretching forth to God, O father Ephraim, began to enjoy the full vision of God, receiving immaterial revelation as a mirror of the divine Spirit.

Thou didst truly become a temple holding the Trinity and adorned with grace, with the radiance of pure virtues and the fullness of teachings, O father.

Ode VI
Setting thy foundation not on sands, but on the inviolate Faith, O Godbearer, thou didst remain undaunted by all the assaults of the enemy, guided by the hand of the Invincible One.

Thy tongue was truly like the pen of a swiftly-writing scribe, showing forth a most pious intellect and tracing the law of the Spirit upon the tablets of our hearts, O father.

Those who navigate the calm expanse of thy dogmas, O divinely wise Ephraim, are delivered from the soul-destroying billows of the abyss and, awakening, are saved by faith from the storm of heresies.

Ever looking forth toward the hour of judgment, thou didst bitterly lament, O Ephraim; and though a lover of stillness thou wast also a teacher of activity, O venerable one. Wherefore, O universal father, thou movest the slothful to repentance.

Of the waters of thy grace let fall a drop upon my soul, purifying it of  every unclean defilement, that it may be cleansed thereof and, having spiritually  completed the remaining time of a life zealous in all things, it may enjoy the divine sweetness which thou didst enjoy, having watered all who burn with the passions. For, lo! by thy discourses thou movest the slothful to repentance.

Thou wast shown to be a most excellent giver of laws for monastics, O all-honored one, and one who rescueth them from all the machinations of the enemy. Wherefore, O blessed one, they honor thine honored and sacred memory on earth.

Thou wast an excellent instrument of the Spirit, ever sounding forth thine inspirations and playing the saving hymn of repentance for us who hymn thee, O ever-memorable one.

Thou wast shown to be like another sun, O blessed one, and, emitting the beams of thy teachings upon the ends of the earth, thou hast driven away the lightless darkness of all sin with the light of repentance.

Surrounded by the streams of divine dogmas, thou didst flow forth like another river from Eden, watering the face of the earth, O wondrous one, and inundating the tares of ungodliness.

Ode IX
Wounded by the love of the Almighty, lamenting thou didst reach the end of thy whole life, crying out with fear, O venerable one: “Grant me ease with the waves of thy grace, O Savior, richly preserving me therewith in the life to come!”

Thy sweet discourse was replete with compunction and full of enlightenment for those who have recourse to thee, O right wondrous Godbearer Ephraim; and thy life was blameless, adorned and illumined with all manner of divinely radiant virtues.

Thou wast a temple of the Spirit, a river full of life-giving waters, the unshakable foundation of the Church, the confirmation of monastics, and an ever-flowing stream of divine compunction, O right wondrous Ephraim.

Through thy compunction, O venerable father Ephraim, thou wast shown to be a cup of the hidden treasures of the wisdom of Christ, and by thy divine teachings thou dost gladden the souls of the faithful.

At the Aposticha, the composition of Cyprian
Thou didst flourish like the palm-tree described by David, O venerable father Ephraim, and didst cut off the tongues of the blasphemous as with a sword. Thou didst dry up the depths of the passions with abstinence, and, taking up the Cross as a weapon, wast shown to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit. Unceasingly entreat Christ in behalf of us who ever celebrate thine honored memory with faith.

At Liturgy
Galatians 5:22-6:2
Matthew 11:27-30

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