Acrostic Parenesis


«Παραίνεσις» (CPG 3964), ed. K.G. Phrantzoles, Ὁσίου Ἐφραίμ τοῦ Σύρου ἔργα. 3. Thessaloniki: To Perivole tes Panagias, 1990: 357-358. Cf. Assemani 5:364-365.

This text is composed, in the Greek, as an alphabetical acrostic.

“Attend to these things, ye sons of light (1 Thess 5:5), and keep them, for this exhortation shall befriend you to the kingdom of the heavens.

Be attentive to these words and you shall find rest for your souls (Mt 11:29).

Become strong out of infirmity (Heb 11:34), strengthened by the fear of God.

Let your prayer be pure before God. (But I also make entreaty concerning myself!)

If you do not neglect these exhortations, you shall inherit eternal life.

Let your yes be yes, and your no be no, which is the message of the Gospel (Mt 5:37).

Death shall not take hold of you, for you have been translated from death to life.

Jesus is your life; they that cling to him shall not die.

For he is Lord of life and death, and he gives life to those who draw near unto him.

He looses the sins and cleanses the transgressions of those who call upon him.

He heals those who repent and sanctifies those who turn back to him.

Understand, therefore, the power of repentance, and hasten to it, you who have sinned.

For the appearance of sin is alien to you, O friends of God!

For the sin of the flesh shall not take hold of your mind, since you have put on incorruption.

You are beyond temptation, brethren, since you have separated yourselves from bitterness by believing the words of God. Despise earthly things, receiving the cross upon your brow and offering a fearful sight to the Devil.

Honor righteousness, preserve purity, and enter, even now, into Paradise.”

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