On the Spiritual State

Περὶ καταστάσεως πνευματικῆς (CPG 3976), ed. K.G. Phrantzoles, Ὁσίου Ἐφραίμ τοῦ Σύρου ἔργα, vol. 3. Thessalonike: To Perivole tes Panagias, 1990: 305.

Along the broad path (Mt 7:13) are the following: recklessness, inattention, gluttony, drunkenness, prodigality, licentiousness, bellicosity, anger, egotism, instability, etc. Such are the causes of faithlessness, disobedience, and rebellion. The result of all these evils is perdition; and whoever embraces them has strayed from the path of truth, and become the cause of his own destruction.

But on the strait and narrow path are stillness, self-control, temperance, love, patience, joy, peace, humble-mindedness, and everything that is like them. And these are the way to eternal life.

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