In Memoriam Fr. Ephrem Lash

Fr. Ephrem reposed in the Lord on 15 March 2016. He waephremlashs one of a few people who recognized the historical importance of the Greek writings attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian, and he left behind him a number of valuable translations (hitherto the only ones in English).

The centrality of ‘Ephraem Graecus’ for the Orthodox Christian tradition is best described in Fr. Ephrem’s own words:

“The ascetic writings in Greek attributed to St Ephrem the Syrian are some of the basic texts of Orthodox monasticism. The Triodion lays down that they are to be read at Matins each weekday morning in Lent, after the first two readings from the Psalter. Together with the Lausiac History of Palladios, …the Ladder of St John of Sinai and the Instructions of St Theodore the Studite, they should form the regular diet of non-biblical spiritual reading for Orthodox Christians.”

Am obituary worthy of Fr Ephrem is available here.

Archimandrite Ephrem Lash, who reposed during the season of Ephraimic prayer and repentance–requiescas in pace, and may your memory be eternal.

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