On the Passion of the Savior, trans. E. Lash

During these most holy days preceding the Lord’s Suffering and Crucifixion, we share with you the metrical sermon On the Lord’s Passion attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian in Greek. This text was translated by the late Fr. Ephrem Lash and featured on his Anastasis site. Thankfully, this site is archived here, and Fr. Ephrem’sContinue reading “On the Passion of the Savior, trans. E. Lash”

M.F. Toal, Sermons of the Great Fathers: Index of Gospel Passages

Index of Gospel Passages and Pericopes If you would like to read patristic commentaries on the Gospel using the translations in Toal’s Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, it may be useful, if you are not an expert in the Tridentine lectionary, to consult the following index of pericopes or Gospel passages: I. By orderContinue reading “M.F. Toal, Sermons of the Great Fathers: Index of Gospel Passages”

A Medieval Latin Image of St. Ephrem

Although the manuscript in its entirety is not digitized, one cannot resist sharing this lovely image of St. Ephrem the Syrian (Effrem Diaconus) in a Latin manuscript of the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal in Paris (which today forms part of the Bibliothèque nationale de France). The manuscript (codex 233) originated in the Benedictine monastery of St.Continue reading “A Medieval Latin Image of St. Ephrem”

Identifying the Greek Texts of St. Theophan’s Spiritual Psalter

If you know the Spiritual Psalter of St. Theophan the Recluse (St. John of Kronstadt Press, 1997), you know that this is a collection of 150 Ephremic texts arranged into a collection of prayers to be prayed like the psalms. Like the rest of the corpus of St. Ephrem, these prayers are deeply penitential andContinue reading “Identifying the Greek Texts of St. Theophan’s Spiritual Psalter”

Some Modest Updates

Things have been busy, but we’ve recently added some updates to the Bibliography section as well as the Manuscripts. You can also read a short new text here on the righteous Noah, who gives us an example of not conforming ourselves to a wicked generation or making an excuse that the times are evil.