Ephraem Graecus Scholarship

Academic work on the Greek corpus attributed to St. Ephrem (i.e., Ephraem Graecus) is still, unfortunately, rare. I’m happy to pass along this article. Emmanouela Grypeou, “Ephraem Graecus, ‘Sermo In Adventum Domini’. A Contribution to the Study of the Transmission of Apocalyptic Motifs in Greek, Latin and Syriac Traditions in Late Antiquity,” in Graeco-Latina etContinue reading “Ephraem Graecus Scholarship”

New Translation of St. Ephrem from CUA Press

http://cuapress.cua.edu/books/viewbook.cfm?book=F130 From the CUA Press website: “It is in his eighty-seven Hymns on Faith – the longest extant piece of early Syriac literature – that he develops his arguments against subordinationist christologies most fully. These hymns, most likely delivered orally and compiled after the author’s death, were composed in Nisibis and Edessa between the 350sContinue reading “New Translation of St. Ephrem from CUA Press”


The writings attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian are divided into two corpora: a Syriac collection and a Greek collection, the latter being largely independent of the former. For many centuries, Orthodox Christians had access only to the Greek writings. These writings were translated into Slavonic early on and generally exercised an enormous impact onContinue reading “About”